Cast thy net on the right side

Cast thy net on the right side

Every facet of human endeavour has a garden: business, ministry, health, finances, etc. In this garden resides the gold of that particular endeavour and only a few are able to locate the garden as well as eat of the good of the land. In Genesis 2:8-9, God caused a new beginning, by planting a garden. This garden is at the East of Eden. Eden means a place that’s well-watered throughout. In this garden was every pleasant tree, including the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. A river went out of Eden to water the garden and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads – this shows that inside the garden of an endeavour is fruitfulness and prosperity. See Genesis 2:10-14.

After the fall of man in Genesis 3, God placed Cherubims at the East of the garden with flaming swords; which turned every way, and man was sent away from the garden, thus making life difficult for man in everything he puts his hand (God said by the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread). They were commissioned as the administrators to keep the garden, and because their sword turned every way, they are made completely in charge of every form of access into the garden. So, no matter the business or endeavour, the administrators are always there guarding the garden from unauthorised penetration, and they bear not the sword in vain. Now, the flaming sword is not a literal sword but words/laws which they use against anyone coming to enter the garden. The laws upon which they operate are called the law of carnal commandment and the law of sin and death. The law of carnal commandment (laws of nature) demands in-depth knowledge of the skill (the know-how about your venture), while the law of sin and death demands sacrifice (not of rams, goats, etc) but of tilling the soil from whence man came. But for us to eat of the garden, we must approach the garden through the finished works of Christ which is the only thing that can cancel their own laws.

In John 21, Peter and his brethren went back to fishing business when they felt that Jesus had abandoned them, with no sense of direction for their ministry. They toiled all through the night and caught nothing (night here means ignorance), not knowing how to enter the spiritual garden of that business until Christ came around. When Christ gave them command to cast the net on the right side, he was indirectly telling the Cherubims protecting the garden to lift up their heads. And by that command of the Lord, they didn’t even need to launch into the deep (remember he spoke to them from the shore and so they must’ve been close to shore as well), all they needed was to obey the Lord’s instruction and cast their net on the right side of the ship (the ship here is being specific about their venture, and not just the right hand side), and they caught great fishes because the Cherubims dropped their sword for them. The Cherubims knew he was talking to them when he mentioned the right side.

The gold of every venture or business we engage in life is in the garden which no one can enter unless empowered by the utterance from the Master: the word of the Lord. When the administrators drop their sword and we make exploits (we draw the net to the land), we say the grace of God has seen us through. It’s also in the same verse in coded form. See John 21:11. Now, when Peter pulled the net out of the water, the fishes were 153 great fishes.

The number: 153 means ‘grace and mercy standing between man and God’ which results in fruitfulness. So, whenever the command of the Lord is issued for our prosperity, the administrators drop their flaming swords (that is, the laws with which they operate is made of non-effect), then grace and mercy flows unhindered, and we make great exploits because the garden is always full of every good thing at all times. These administrators know no mercy and can only do what is right as assigned by God. They do not accept praise, worship or appeasement and only respond to the commands of the Most High, and so when we speak (in prayer) it has to be the word of God which is already settled in heaven. See Psalm 119:89.

Now, toiling all through the night is trying to succeed by our own efforts and strength, but by strength shall no man prevail. Everyone is on a journey to the same garden from which they were cast out but two things are needed to enter the garden:

  • The knowledge of God.
  • The word of God.

Knowledge helps us to know where, when, how and what to speak and do. By knowledge we live a life of covenant, sacrifice, humility and total obedience so that the Lord can go before us and confirm His word in Isaiah 45:1-3. People suffer many things because they lacked knowledge and honourable men are going into captivity because they do not know the ways of their God. But they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

By the word of God we live a life of prayer, praise and worship which are necessary to cause the manifestation, for the word of God is quick and powerful.



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