Does God still answer prayers?

Does God still answer prayers?

We do not know how to pray neither do we understand how prayer works. Prayer is the medium via which we communicate with God, it is the only connection that humanity has with divinity. Prayer is the heartbeat of our spirit man. If we stop praying, we lose our connection with God. A prayerless Christian suffers so many stripes from the wicked ones. Prayer works like the water cycle or evaporation and rainfall. The more prayers we send up the heavier the result; thus, prayer requires persistent effort because there are many forces that fight the angels that bring answers to prayers (Like the princes of the kingdoms of Persia and Grecia – Read Daniel 10:12-13).

There are some forces that cause delays to answers of our prayers or even no answers to our prayers: the foremost of them all is praying outside the will of God (Read James 4:3). When we pray outside the will of God, He doesn’t answer such prayers because, if He does, the answer to such prayers may destroy us at the end.

If we pray in self-righteousness, by presenting vain reasons why God should answer our prayers instead of asking for mercy; such prayers will receive no answer. Some people while praying will begin to tell God how righteous they are, how often they go to church, how they do charity and how they have been helping the work of God. All these are considered as filthy rags in the sight of the Lord God (SEE: Luke 18:10-14 and Isaiah 64:6). When we pray, all we need to ask for is the mercy of God. ‘All prayers receive answers through mercy’ (Read Psalm 66:20; Psalm 51:17).

Many people don’t know how to pray; but Jesus taught us how to pray with the standards in ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ (Matthew 6:5-15). When we pray, we have to first thank God for everything both good and bad (READ: 1 Thessalonians 5:18). Then, we ask for mercy and we pray for forgiveness of sins before we present our petitions. To pray and pray well is to pray using biblical injunctions concerning that which we ask for. God is not moved by tears but is moved by His word and a repentant/contrite heart. (READ Isaiah 45:11)

The Bible said blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. If you will not forgive those who trespass against you, neither will your heavenly Father forgive you. Therefore, if prayers receive answers through mercy, we also should learn to be merciful to others (SEE: Matthew 5:7 and 2Chronicles 7:14).

So many people think that God is far away in heaven when they pray, that their prayer has to travel to heaven before God can hear it. Brethren, God is omnipresent, He is everywhere, the air you breathe is His breathe-of-life, and wherever His breathe is, He is also there. When you pray know that God hears you. (READ: Isaiah 65:24).

God delights in answering prayers because prayer is a way of humbling ourselves before Him, and prayer is one of the purest ways of worshipping God.

God takes delight in the prosperity of His people, so He quickly answers their prayers. Every prayer is answered immediately if it is in line with the will of God and if it came from a humble heart. No one is good but God, and so when we pray we should seek for nothing but His mercy so that our prayers can be considered. Nonetheless, there are some prayers that require fasting to work, because some stubborn problem exist, which may defy ordinary prayer. To destroy stubborn problems also may require a higher grace and some prophetic ordinances to be done before the yoke can be broken; that is why the Lord has given us His ministers to stand on the gap for us. There is a man (like Ananias to Saul) that you need to meet before you can receive solution to that problem; that is why the scripture says in Psalm 61:2, O Lord, when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Until you find your Ananias your problem may continue to linger.

If you are experiencing stubborn problems or persistent delays, you need a higher grace to break the yoke.

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