Dreams About Death

Dreams About Death

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Let’s talk about dreams that symbolize the spirit of death.   If the spirit of death is haunting a man, the following are the likes of what he will see in his dreams:

👉 The person may see himself watching television in the dream because the television means a transfer of the soul (your consciousness) from one world to the other.

👉 You may also see a dream where you were looking at your face in the mirror. Seeing your face in a mirror in the dream symbolizes death because the mirror is an object that depicts a reflection of the true self from the lower side of existence onto the eternal.

👉 If you dream that you were looking at your shadow, it means that your spirit is leaving your body. Dreams about one’s shadow mean that the spirit of death is haunting the individual.

👉 If you have a dream about a casket, it means, somebody somewhere has gone to a spiritual court to obtain the judgment of death against you.

👉 You dream of eating the mango fruit. Every tree has what it symbolises. The mango tree symbolize immorality, and to partake of the fruit of the tree of immortality means dropping your flesh and crossing over to the other side.

Whenever such dreams surface, shoot them down with the biblical injunctions in Isaiah 28:18, Isaiah 43:1-5, Psalm 48 and Psalm 91 immediately.


This is one of the burdens that can crush any believer, except the LORD give you grace to bear it. It is not sweet to hear this kind of news among Church members, not at all. There are three factors that lead to untimely death in people’s lives and families. These factors may have been undermined by humans, but they are strongholds by which the spirit of death penetrates families.

✳️ When a family in ancient times had a deity they worshiped and now the family no longer pays obeisance to those gods or goddesses. This is one factor that leads to an untimely death in a family (it becomes a form of curse upon the family).

When a covenant with a deity is broken the consequence is death, and the only way out is that you must run into the covenant of Life with the Lord Jesus. When an altar is removed from a place, the spiritual rule is that you must replace it with a higher altar. So, when you remove the Devil’s altar from a place, you have to build an altar for the Lord there. In the realm of the spirit, there can’t be an altar without a covenant. Any time you dream of altars, or you see a shrine in your dream, it means that your family still has evil covenants buffeting them.

✳️ The second reason that brings untimely death in a family is the presence of a strongman pursuing the members of the family. We call them men that serve the Devil in the rank of spiritual wickedness in high places (See Ephesians 6:12).   How do you know if that is the case in your family? If you or members of your family always dream of wild animals chasing you. It’s a sign that there is a strongman after you and members of your family.

When you have such, it will be difficult for you or any member of your family to prosper in your endeavors because those men have made themselves gates you must pass before you can prosper by swearing that, ‘’over their dead bodies before you or a member of your family can prosper”. This is what 40 men did to Paul, and he had to change location (see Acts 23:12-15)

✳️ The third cause of untimely death is petitions raised against you or members of your family in the spiritual courts of the spirit world.   That is why scripture says that we should agree quickly with the adversary, lest he delivers us to the judge. What that means is that we should follow peace with all men physically, but in the spirit realm, be strong and wise (See Matthew 5:25, and Hebrews 12:14).

Imagine a situation whereby you are not aware that a case is going on against you in the realm of the spirit, and the deponent finally obtains a judgment against you. In such circumstances, the sentencing may be a judgment of death.   There are seven courts in the realm of the spirit:

👉 The court of Zion.

👉 The Court of the Throne of Grace.

👉 The Court of the Rulers.

👉 The Court of Mediation.

👉 The Court of Petition.

👉 The Court of the Watchers.

👉 The Court of the Witnesses.

If you are not alerted and the powers that be or evil men go to these courts and obtain a judgment against you, that may be catastrophic. How can one know if a case is reported or filed against him in the spirit realm? Again, it is very simple. If in your dream, you see yourself before a throne where it looks like everyone there are strange demonic-looking people, or you see someone chasing you with a cutlass in a dream. They are signs that you’re being judged!  Now, if you or your family are suffering untimely deaths, use this knowledge and break that evil cycle immediately. The LORD be with you!

To learn more, order a copy of the book Maters of Dream Interpretation, by our Bishop, Prophet Dr Eugene Godman. Get a copy HERE!


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