Deliverance Service
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Deliverance Service

Mark 16:17

And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

Deliverance Ministry

Freeing you from the Enemy’s Bondage. Melchizedek Church of God is a prophetic-apostolic endtime commission and we believe in the presence of demon spirits and their evil operations in the lives of Christians:
  • To oppress them in various ways.
  • To possess the people and use them as tools for their evil works.
  • To demonize to completely subdue their own spirit and take over the body

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    Deliverance ministry is the “driving out of demons”. Jesus did it, he trained his disciples to do it and he said that it would be one of the signs to follow believers (Mark 16:17). Demonic spirits torment and oppression Christians. We provide a proven and effective five step process to help set people free! Our Wednesday deliverance services are power-packed and full of the flow of the Holy Spirit in setting the captives free.

    Do You Need Deliverance? 

    Maybe you are well aware of the fact that you would benefit from deliverance ministry or maybe you are unsure. You have questions about who does really needs it? Do Christians need deliverance? There are indicators or evidences that someone is being tormented by demonic spirits and will benefit from it. A pastor will counsel and advice you as you come.

    How We Do It

    There are so many approaches out there; some are good and others outlandish. We believe in  preparing people for deliverance and it can flow in a quiet, gentle and thorough fashion. Plus, we have a followup session to show you how to stay free.

    Where We Do It

    The Counseling Center is at all our parishes nationwide. See locations for details.

    Children’s Deliverance

    Do you see behaviors in your children that concern or frighten you? Have they been victimized by abuse ? Do you see patterns that are present in the family tree? Do they doctors want to prescribe medications and you are uncomfortable with that option? Deep down, as a parent, you may sense that the problems are spiritual and not medical in nature. As unfair as it sounds, children can be tormented and oppressed by demonic spirits just like adults. Please meet one of the ministers for proper attention.

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you have questions and will want them answered before you meet with us. We encourage you to research this website and we are happy to speak with you over the phone. Before calling, we encourage you to see responses to the questions we get asked most frequently about deliverance ministry.

    Benefits of Deliverance Ministry

    We believe that every believer will benefit from receiving competent deliverance ministry. While we adamantly teach that demonic spirits are not the source of every problem in a person’s life, there are some very common benefits that people typically see.

    Get Started

    What happens at the deliverance session?

    The session in our church is always an interview where you can share the issues the issues that have led you to seek help. It is the first session in the five step process.  It is very open-ended: you talk, we listen and ask clarifying questions. It is your opportunity to get everything out on the table! This session is made easier by the prophetic grace which makes discernment easier and clearer.

    Typical questions addressed include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • “If you died today, would you be in heaven or hell? If you think you’d be in heaven, why would God let you in?”

    • “What is your family history?”

    • “Do you see issues in your life that seem to be generational”

    • (For couples): “What are the major issues you are dealing with?”

    • (For families): “What behaviors do you see in your children that are a concern?

    • “Are there ‘issues’ in your life (depression, anger, fear, addictions, pornography, etc) that you’ve not gotten victory over?”

    • Understanding of spiritual warfare

    • Personal or family history in the occult

    • Synopsis of major relationships/marriages and why they ended

    • Past and present use of psychotropic medications

    • Past counseling experiences and / or healing processes.

      Join us and experience the touch of prophetic deliverance ministry.