Kids Camp Meeting
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Kids Camp Meeting

All-age services and activities

The MCG Children’s Ministry team believes passionately that we as adult Christians not only have something precious to share with our children, but also that children have so much that they can teach us about the love of God, faith in Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit.

For this reason, we are not only committed to resourcing dedicated times of teaching and learning with children in groups parallel to what happens in church for adults, but also those times when Christians of all ages and at all stages of faith worship and learn together.

We believe that if we take Jesus’ words about children and the Kingdom of God seriously, then a shared pilgrimage of faith is a vital experience for adults and children alike, as we learn from each other how to be true disciples of Jesus Christ. For this reason, the MCG Children’s Ministry team is very committed to providing ideas and material for ‘good’ all-age worship in church services or for whenever the whole family of God comes together as an inclusive community.

Children’s Programmes

Looking for a fun, safe and encouraging environment for your kids?  Every Sunday morning during our 8am service, we have four awesome programmes running for children. Check out the descriptions below to see which programme your child falls under. 

services Mt WellingtonThe Ark

The Ark cares for and supports our youngest 1-2 year old children. The Ark leaders are here taking care of and supervising the little ones, engaging kids through stories and songs in foundational biblical truth.


School Wellington SundayLittle Lights

Little Lights is our programme for 3-4 year olds. It is a special time where kids are introduced to Jesus and the Bible as they begin to build life-long foundational beliefs. Scripture is sung, taught and explored, with a big focus on small group relationships. Our 3 basic truths are God made me, God loves me, Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Wellington School servicesKids’ Street

Kids’ Street is where primary school aged kids years 4-5 love to hang out! Each week kids grow closer to God by discovering what it means to live for Him. There’s worship, teaching and opportunities for how to apply what they’ve heard to their lives through small groups. Our 3 basic truths are I can trust Jesus no matter what, I need to make the wise choice, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

The Squad

The Squad is for years 6-8 to get together to study God’s Word and work out their own personal faith in Jesus Christ. It is a great mix of fun social times and scripture-based study. We have a strong desire to see all our pre-teens enter their teenage years as committed, passionate disciples of Jesus. Sunday morning services are scripture-based through small group relationships. Our 3 basic truths are I will love God because he will never stop loving me, I will follow Jesus because he knows me better than I know myself, I will live out God’s story so others can know who Jesus is.

Mainly Music

Wednesdays, 9:45-12pm  

Each week, parents and caregivers bring their children for a two hour session of music, rhyme, movement, listening, deliverance prayers and more. The adults also participate in the session, and in fact, it is vital that they do so, because this encourages the children to enter into the actions and singing.

At this session, adults and children are given snacks and refreshments. This allows time for children to enjoy each others company, and to develop social skills. It also allows those adults who don’t have a wide circle of friends to be introduced to others who have young children and they are therefore able to support each other.