Evil spiritual monitoring

Evil spiritual monitoring


Monitoring is when a spirit or a person who has spiritual knowledge and the eyes of the spirit puts another person under constant watch or monitoring for evil purposes, all because they do not want the glory of God in the person or the will of God for the person to manifest (Isaiah 8:19, Psalm 37:12). There is no distance in the spirit realm and anybody with a spiritual eyes can look into another person’s life and see what’s going on there because the past, the present and the future are all folded together into one place. And so when someone is under evil monitoring, if there is an opportunity, they can set traps, cast spells and make evil projections into the life of the person. This opportunity or opening can be in the form of prayerlessness, sin, iniquity, spiritual defilement and blood-guiltiness, because according to Ecclesiastes 10:8 – whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.


  • To steal the blessings of people: The blessings of a child of God comes first from the spiritual realm (John 3:27), but these evil monitors always try to attack/block/stop the blessings so that it won’t manifest. Every blessing we receive follows us around spiritually till it manifests physically (2nd Kings 21:6).
  • Destroying people/kill them/project sicknesses into them: Some of the sicknesses people suffer today were not from any medical condition but as a result of evil projections or transfer (Matthew 13:25).
  • To oppress people and cause much sufferings in their lives. This is what the rulers of darkness of this world are good at doing. The monitor people to plant things into their lives like: delays, failures, disappointments, rising and falling, divorce, madness (there’s a case of a young man who dreamt someone slapped him, he woke up and became mentally unstable), financial mishaps, etc. They are called the workers of iniquity.


Mirrors, brooms, tarot cards, crystal balls, water, monitoring animals (snakes, birds, etc), human agents, and the elements (the moon and stars).


  • You notice cobwebs on your face even in unexpected places or roads.
  • Eating in the dream (they use it to divert people’s virtues).
  • Sex in the dream (they use it for evil spiritual transfer).
  • Animals chasing you in the dream.
  • Looking at the mirror in the dream.
  • Combing your hair in the dream or a strange hand shaving your hair.
  • Seeing your shadow in the dream.
  • Miscarriages (caused by evil spirits called Tinka).
  • Seeing the moon in your dream.
  • Sudden infestation of rats, cockroaches or bugs in your home.
  • Experiencing failure at the point of success.
  • Incessant sickness.
  • Nightmares and bad dreams.
  • Making money/picking money in the dream, and many more.


  • Be prayerful and live a righteous and holy (born again) life (Luke 18:1).
  • Engage in constant warfare prayers (Ephesians 6:12).
  • Always bear in mind that there’s no coincidence in life, and when anything happens to you, try to tackle it with spiritual measures first. That’s why the Lord said we should be sober and be vigilant. Don’t call it superstition because there’s always a reason for anything (1st Peter 5:8).
  • Avoid spiritual defilement at all costs.
  • Apply prophetic ordinances (Hosea 12:13, Amos 3:7).

And if you need additional prophetic attention to end spiritual monitoring, please write to the Church or visit any of our parishes today.


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