Hades, Abyss and Hell

Hades, Abyss and Hell

Hell is a place where evil itself and the evil doers are punished and banished from the face and presence of God for ever. It was not created for man but for the apostate angels who rebelled against God eon of years before man was created. Because these spirits were the first to sin and they sinned without being tempted, so they were already evil in their nature. They were haters of God and all things that identify with God. They hate the ways of God, His holiness, purity and power and they love the way of sin.

There are men that will go to hell with them because they turned their nature and became transformed into evil doers. The scripture saith that God made man good and upright but they (men) have sought out many inventions (Ecclesiastes 7:29). Our God is the Holy One and cannot behold sin or abide where sin dwells.


There is a lot of confusion about the underworld because of doctrines; misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the scriptures. But when one receives a revelation of these places, one is able to clearly describe them with much clarity. Their meaning and differences are:

HADES: This is the whole land of the dead or the whole of the underworld. Hades is divided into three dimensions: the Bosom of Abraham, Abyss and Hell.

The Bosom of Abraham: It is the place where the bosom of Abraham dwells. It is very important to understand that the name ‘Abraham’ used in this place does not literally mean the man Abraham; in effect, that name is God’s name. Abraham, Jacob (Israel) and David were men who lived their lives in ‘the office of God’ bearing the name of God. So, the bosom of Abraham even existed from the beginning of times, because as Jesus said in John 8:58 – Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.

The bosom of Abraham is the grave of our Lord Jesus Christ where he laid when he descended into the land of the dead for our sake to pay for our sins, before he resurrected. It is a dimension of Hades purchased with the blood of Jesus and was not fully manifested (though Christ made a reference to it in Luke 16:22) until the Lord died and descended into Hades, and when he arose, he settled all the saints into the bosom of Abraham (see Matthew 27:52-53). The power of his blood gives protection and shield to those who die in the Lord that now sleep in the bosom of Abraham, and so they are in a state of rest without suffering or pain or anguish but desiring to be avenged and clothed (see Revelation 6:9-11). This is the place from where the dead in the Lord shall arise during the rapture to be clothed with their new bodies in Christ.

And so, every child of God (seed of Abraham) that ever lived in earth and died in the Lord, are currently resting in the Lord. There is therefore NO such thing as saints in heaven praying for those that are alive in the earth. All that died in the Lord are resting in the Lord in Hades. But those who die in sin do not partake of the rest in the bosom but head straight to the second dimension of Hades – The Abyss.

THE ABYSS: This is also called the pit of destruction, the bottomless pit, the lake of fire or Sheol and is where those who die in sin are cast and they go through sufferings that has no end in the hands of demons. The word bottomless means that the sufferings are renewing and have no end. The sufferings here are depicted as fire in our world but in reality are in the form of hunger, thirst, and every other forms of pains inflicted by the demons (the Abyss was actually made for the demons and apostate angels and not for seed of Abraham). Here, the unrighteous suffer great and unspeakable pain which they were not initially supposed to go through. Those in the Abyss have no part in the rapture but shall be eternally damned with the devil and other demons.

HELL: This is the final destination of sin, evil, evil doers and those who were already suffering in Abyss; where they are punished with a sentence of everlasting damnation and banished from the love, care and presence of God forever. Hell itself is a prison where they are locked up for eternal suffering sealed with a seal of ETERNAL DAMNATION which no one can be able to break.

There has been lots of misinterpretations and misunderstandings about this field of knowledge but a revelation of these places by the power of the Holy Spirit (a true experience like Paul had in 2nd Corinthians 12:2-4) brings a clearer understanding and meaning.


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