How to Live As a Fearless Person

How to Live As a Fearless Person


There are times when the Lord gives a message he will say, he that has an ear let him hear what the spirit is saying. Life is getting tougher. Before you can make it now in this life, you have to grow crocodile skin. No wonder the Lord said that we should be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves. The Devil knows that he has a very short time remaining and he is using tension and trepidation to catch people for himself. No coward can serve God in spirit and truth. The men of darkness are getting more mean and barbaric. Satan has ordered his men to kill, steal, and destroy, but they that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. We live in a perilous time so everybody must be strong because anything can happen anywhere at any time.

Fear attacks the human heart. It bites with its razor blade canine into the fabrics of the human soul. If you don’t knock it out, it will gradually kill you. Fear is a spirit. It works with the forces of darkness, but it cannot function in a mind that has no limiting beliefs. The courtyard of fear is built by limiting beliefs. A person who fears death has the belief that his or her life may be cut short by sudden death: this is a limiting belief, and whatever a man believes becomes his or her reality; our lives are in the hands of God our Maker. The truth is that God decides the day a person will be born and the day the person will die; when that day has come nothing can kill you and if that day has come there is nothing you can do. (READ Ecclesiastes 3:2, Psalm 90:12, and Acts 1:7).

The person that fears criticism has a limiting belief that he or she needs the approval of people to get along in life; this is a limiting belief, the truth is that you don’t need anybody’s approval if what you are doing is in line with the will of God. (See Acts 10:34 and Colossians 3:22). The person who fears ill health has a limiting belief stored in his subconscious mind that he may one day fall sick and die as a result: this is nothing but a lie. The Lord told us that he will not put upon us the curses of the law. (See Exodus 23:25, and Psalm 107:20). Close your eyes now, the biggest of them is about to appear! The person that fears poverty has a very funny limiting belief that says, you are worth nothing, how can you survive? Brethren, by strength, shall no man prevail, scriptures made me understand that it is the Lord that maintains our lot. (See Psalm 16:5-6, Philippians 4:19, and Luke 12:22-31).

Let me show you three things fear can do to destroy your lie. Do you know that fear can steal your eternity? (See Revelation 21:8, and 2 Timothy 1:7). Fear makes you pee on your body; it makes you disgrace yourself. Because of fear of death, Peter the chief of the Apostles had to deny our Lord because he feared what the Sanhedrims may do to him. It does not mean that Peter hated the Lord or that he wanted to deny him but he was afraid of death. There are many things you do because you are afraid of one thing or the other which can land you in hell. Fearful people will not inherit the kingdom. More so, if you are living in fear, you cannot exercise your spiritual birthright as a child of God. The Devil controls people through fear, he says in his spirit: oh the animal kingdom is ruled by fear and these people in flesh are not different from animals because they don’t know who they are. Fearful people cannot live by faith. No wonder the lives of many Christians are in disarray because very few believers walk in faith. Every action that is promoted by fear will lead to sin. God has not given us the spirit of fear. We got it from this world, and if you want to live in dominion you must purge yourself of the ghost of fear. You cannot live as a just man before God if you are a coward. Do you know that the power of God cannot work in your life if you are fearful?

Fear paralyzes your brain. Fear reduces your senses to that of animals. Fear turns your strength into vegetables. It makes you take the wrong steps and make the wrong decisions. Take for instance the fear of the unknown, this is pure stupidity, it is a state of mind whereby someone will just believe that something bad is coming to him. Every new day is a blessing from the Lord, and the blessings of the Lord make you rich and add no sorrow. Job said something in Job 3:25 that what he greatly feared has finally happened to him. Fear is the opposite of faith; these two forces of faith and fear are so powerful that they have the power to bring to pass whatever a person is afraid of or whatever a person is believing. To fear means you are expecting that something bad will come to you, but to have faith means that you are expecting glad tidings. Let me open your eyes at this juncture, ‘’it is written, that our expectations shall not be cut short,’’ so whatever you are expecting, good or bad will soon come upon you. That is why the Lord told us to be quick to cast down every thought to the obedience of the word of God. (See 2 Corinthians 10:5 and Proverbs 4:23).

If you want to be fearless you must monitor your thoughts. And any time negative thoughts come to your mind, you have to cast them out by speaking the word of God against the limiting beliefs that form that fear. Furthermore, you have to confront your fears by doing the things you fear. Take a leap of faith. Move against your fears. And do that which you fear. If you have stage fright, then go ahead and start speaking to a crowd of people; if you fear starting something new, then just go ahead and start it. In addition, you need to have a line of clauses or phrases that you use for self-talk to keep fear out of your mind: examples of such clauses are, ‘’I walk in dominion because the LORD is at my right hand, I shall not be moved!’’ The LORD is my shepherd I shall not want; there shall no evil befall me neither shall any plague come near my dwelling.

Beloved in Christ, if you need help in this area, I will be glad to pray for you to cast out the spirit of fear from your life. Simply visit us for powerful prayer. Jesus Christ is Lord!




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