How to pray and receive answers

How to pray and receive answers

Prayer is a form of worship to God. It is not that God is not aware of the things we ask Him for in prayer, but when we pray, we commune with Him, we humble ourselves before Him and acknowledge Him as our God and our source. For it is written that man can receive nothing except it be given to him from above; and every good gift comes from God alone (See: 2Chronicles 7:14, John 3:27 and James 1:17). In God we live, in Him we move and from Him we derive our being: if we cut off from Him, we are dead. He is like a vine and we are the branches, and prayer is the only connection we have with Him, if we stop praying we disconnect ourselves from Him. It is written, “Delight thyself in the Lord and He shall fulfil all your heart desires”. God is good and loving, He is a spirit and those that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Prayer is one of the ways we render our due diligence in the service of God (See: Acts 17:28, Hebrews 11:6).

God has rejected the queen of heaven, the earth goddess or mother Mary as some people call her (Stop and read: Jeremiah 44:17 and Isaiah 50:1-2) and so praying through her is idolatry and a sin of felony. Also, it is wrong to pray through or to any of the saints/Angels in heaven. God counts that as disrespect to Him and idolatry (See: 1Timothy 2:5, Acts 4:12).

Prayer works like the water-cycle, the more evaporation of water the earth gives to the atmosphere, the more rainfall the earth will receive. God delights in answering prayers, when we pray it is likened to burning incense before Him. Our prayers assail to His holy hills as a sweet savour of incense (See: Revelation 8:1-5, Luke 1:8-9) and as such the more prayers we offer, the more glory we give to Him. God expects us to be persistent with our asking (Read: Matthew 7:7-8, Luke 11:1-8).

When we pray, we are not supposed to pray like orphans, God is our loving Father and He promised never to leave us nor forsake us. He is the Omnipresent God and does not just hear our word of prayer but also knows the very thoughts of our heart. This should be our confidence that whenever we pray, He hears us (See: John 14:18, Hebrews 4:15-16 and Isaiah 65:24). The lord said concerning the works of my hands and my word of promise concerning my sons, command ye me (See: Isaiah 45:11 and Psalm 50:14-15). God is ever faithful, and whatsoever He said He will do, that He will surely do. There is so much power in praying with the word of God because the word of God is powered by the blood of Jesus. The Lord said, come now let us reason together and when you come before Him, you present your strong reasons. Any petition before God that is not backed by the word of God is weak and will not be quick in producing results.

Brethren, God honours His word even above His name (See: Isaiah 41:21, 43:26 and Psalm 138:2). It is wise to pray with the word of God.

The church is supposed to be a place where the divine presence of God is; and His altar is supposed to be a meeting point between Him and His children, but because of idolatry and waywardness in the church today, the divine presence has left many churches and so people pray and pray without results. You need a place where you can have a quiet time with God, pray and receive instant answers.

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