God wants to use you to make a difference.

Whether you’re good with numbers, words, technology, or people, God wants to use your gifts and skills to make a difference in His vineyard. There are several opportunities to serve at Melchizedek Church of God.

Membership in any of these ministries qualifies you for these reserved benefits:

  1. Free healthcare services.
  2. Empowerment programs
  3. Business financial assistance.
  4. Free Business school.
  5. Free Disciples’ school.
  6. Free Leadership school.
  7. Free access to the MCG Seminary.
  8. Sponsored pilgrimage trips to the Holy Land.
  9. Free educational/learning institutions.
  10. Care of the brethren in times of need.
  11. A true family you can count on.
  12. Spiritual guidance and protection.


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