Fixing Foundational Problems

Fixing Foundational Problems


Foundational problems are problems in the subtle part of a person’s being or the spirit part of a person. They are problems people have in their spirit, soul or bloodline and not physical things (Psalm 51:5-8, Psalm 11:3, 1Cor 3:11, Psalm 82:1-5).

These are the 7ways by which a person’s foundation can affect his or her life negatively. These are the core ROOTS of the problems in the lives of majority of people.

✅ Evil cycles (they’re formed as a result of activities going on the family, which becomes a repetitive event, as life goes on).

✅ Evil family patterns (these are inherent issues in a family tree, created and arranged that way by God or man’s self-will).

✅ Evil covenants and soulties (transactions with foul spirits through customs, traditions, festivals, idolatry, ungodly names, evil altars and rituals/sacrifices, witchcraft and occult practices).

✅ Curses (strong words spoken in high negative emotion which unleashes the elements of Hell; can also be in form of spells, embargoes, jinx, sorcery. Curses can be self-inflicted, divine, bloodline, generational, parental or inherited).

✅ Genetic issues (bad habits character and infirmities recorded in the DNA, and genetically passed down through generations).

✅ Animal nature (the weakness of the flesh as a result of the dust where the flesh comes from).

✅ Adamic nature (what we all inherited from Adam as humans – carnality, rebellion, ignorance; that’s the crude man).


✅ The law of reciprocity

✅ The law of sowing and reaping

✅ The law of sin and death

✅ The law of the dying seed

✅ The law of the Spirit of life by Christ Jesus.

If these things are happening in your life, it’s a pointer to issues in your foundation

👉 Hatred and rejection (being treated like an outcast, a fugitive and vagabond like Cain).

👉 Stagnancy and delays in life.

👉 Inexplicable afflictions.

👉 Failure at the point of success (like Moses was denied entrance into Canaan land).

👉 You hardly finish what you start; any project you embark upon gets cut off midway.

👉 Lack of peace in the family or marriage.

👉 Constant cycle of financial problem/issues.

👉 Barrenness or childbearing issues.

👉 A life of good-for-nothing (you can coach or teach others very well, yet nothing to show for it).

With God, all things are possible. There’s always a way to break out of the yoke of foundational problems.

👉 Repentance and God’s mercy. Unlocks your Heavens for divine intervention, and freedom (Zechariah 9:11).

👉 Spiritual growth and maturity; you can outgrow all those foundational problems and none of them can hold you anymore. The more the Light of God increases in you, the more they break away and depart (Isaiah 54:11-14).

👉 Family dedication to hand over yourself/family to God, at His Altar can shatter the yokes of faulty foundation and correct things that have gone wrong. Family dedication can rebuild your old foundation (Isaiah 61:4, 58:12).

👉 Through prophetic Ordinances; for there may be some things that needed to be done in the physical realm which God will reveal to His servants. And if you believe your prophet, you’ll prosper (2Chronicles 20:20, Amos 3:7).


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