Settling Unfinished Battles

Settling Unfinished Battles

An anointed teaching on SETTLING UNFINISHED BATTLES. Unfinished battles are spiritual contentions that require the attention of man, and need to be thoroughly dealt with, in order to have peace and manifestation of God’s promises.


1) David slew Goliath when he was still a teenager but the other brethren of Goliath waited for revenge, when David was old and waxed weak in battle. David nearly lost his life (2Samuel 21:15-21).

2)Esau and Jacob wrestled in the womb. The contention continues till birth and into future generations, many years later. The Amalekites who were descendants of Esau’s son were the first nation to strike Israel as they came out of Egypt (Genesis:25, 19-26, Genesis 36:9-12, Exodus 17:8-14).

3) The challenge between Elijah and Jezebel created a cycle that caught up with John the Baptist, and he lost his head (Luke 1:17, 1Kings 18:40, Matthew 14:1-12.

4) The Church had peace and rest after their arc-enemy Saul was converted on his way to Damascus. But the Beast of the land, represented as Herod, struck unawares and took the head of James, and put Peter in prison (Acts 8:1-3, Acts 9:18-22, Acts 12:1-3).

5) The war between Samson and the Philistines later came back to swallow his destiny, after they had taken time to find out that his weak point was beautiful women, they went ahead and paid the price for his head and caught him, his destiny was cut off (Judges 15:15-16, Judges 16:5-23).


Strange delays and failures.

Persistent disappointments.

Failure at the edge of breakthrough.

Near-success syndrome.

Moving in circles/stagnation.

Evil family cycles and patterns.

Dream attacks/nightmares.

Diversion/Exchange of blessings.

Seeing good things in dreams without manifestation.

Always facing obstacles in your endeavors.


1) Pray until something happens, to enforce the victory of the Cross (like the Church prayed for Peter in Acts 12).

2) Find out the root of the battles in your life and tackle them (Isaiah 5:13-16).

3) Seek for higher anointing/grace and prophetic support (Psalm 61:1-3)

4) Use sacrifice/almsgiving/charity as a weapon to scatter all battles (Judges 20).

5) Apply the blood of Jesus Christ for your freedom (Zechariah 9:11).

Listen and be blessed!


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