Spiritual Virtues

Spiritual Virtues

Spiritual virtues are the enablement we receive from God to make our lives smooth and easy on the earth. Virtues are of God because every good gift comes from God (James 1:17). God gives His children 5 different categories of virtues as an empowerment to survive in their journey of life. They include:

  • GIFTS: These are blessings that come to us from God freely. These gifts differ according to the grace given unto us, and so as our gifts are different, so also is the grace we operate upon different. The gifts we receive from God makes rich and adds no sorrow with it (Romans 12:6-8). In the work of the ministry, there are many gifts which a minister needs in order to make exploits. They include: gift of faith, gift of healing, miracle working, ability to see into the spirit, discerning of spirits, gift of tongues, interpretation of tongues, gift of languages, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, word of supernatural understanding, etc. God does not give us gifts because of our holiness or righteousness but as a result of God’s mercies, and these gifts can be received if we humble ourselves before God and diligently ask for them.
  • TALENTS: These are the inherited abilities that dwell in the spirit of a man. They are inbuilt abilities which our spirits possessed even before we were called into existence by God. God calls the spiritman from the fig tree and then gives him a body, breathes into him, and he becomes a living soul. That same spiritman from the fig tree comes out with inbuilt abilities which become the talents in the man after he is formed. We are all given talents according to the abilities of our spirits. Our talents may differ but God has made it that no matter how many talents we may possess, we can still reach the height of our calling to fulfil it. All that is needed from us is to discover the talents deposited in us, trade with the talents, sharpen them and put them to work for the good of humanity and to the glory of God (Matthew 25:15). Talent cannot be destroyed by any man no matter the level of sorcery but a man under evil manipulation can be made to overlook the discovery of his talents and focus on useless things. But when a man discovers his talents, his ways open without any limitations, and he will begin to make exploits in life as he puts his talents to work.
  • STAR: This is the light or strength that quickens a man’s destiny. When a man is born, his star appears in the sky in the spiritual realm and can be seen by star-gazers, witches, sorcerers and demons. This same star can be tampered with, stolen, manipulated or blocked though it cannot be destroyed (that is why the star can be restored no matter how far or how long it had been tampered with). The star contains everything about the man’s life and the physical location point on the body of a man is the forehead. All the good things that will come to a man’s life are written in his destiny, but it’s the star that draws it to come to pass. The star of Jesus pulled men to him who came with gifts (Matthew 2:1-2). So many people have lost their star and they are wandering around in circles of darkness without achieving any serious thing in life, but a man whose star is intact will always have his ways smooth.
  • DESTINY: This is the script written by God and given to man to play on earth. The script is written on the palm of a man’s hand. The right palm contains what you came to give the world while the left palm is what is meant for oneself. Destiny can be tampered with or manipulated by evil people, and when that happens, the man will be like a ship without a rudder or map in the midst of the sea (Romans 8:29). The star of a man is what makes the manifestation of the destiny smooth, as the star pull into place everything needed by the destiny to be fulfilled. Revelation 5:1-3 talks about the destiny of Jesus Christ which no man else could fulfil except himself.


  1. Life moving in circles without progress.
  2. You don’t finish anything you start.
  3. Nothing seems to be working out.
  4. Constant hardships.
  5. People hardly help or assist you.
  • GRACE: This is the blessing of God to a man to help him overcome all the hurdles of life. The degree of grace in a man is how smooth and easy his life will be. We reeive grace through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. It comes to the degree of humility of a man, and thus, to enjoy a greater level of grace, one should be totally humble (James 4:6, 2nd Corinthians 12:9).


  1. They arrest the angels carrying the virtues, they fight them, detain them and interchange those virtues.
  2. They take it during infancy.
  3. Through necromancy, astrology or witch doctors.
  4. While Christians are asleep (Matthew 13:25).
  5. Through spiritual arm robbers and taskmasters.
  6. Leaking pockets and unnecessary expenses.
  7. Use of points of contact/items like shoes, clothes, hair, etc.
  8. Police cases, court cases and quarrels.
  9. Lottery and gambling.


Some level of spiritual alertness is very necessary at all times because there are many spiritual arm robbers who steal the blessings of the people of God. We are all compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses who do not really want any good thing released for man to reach him. Some ways to maintain alertness include:

  1. Praying at night (daily midnight prayers).
  2. Acknowledge body signs given by the spirit realm and work on them.
  3. Take your dreams very seriously, as it contains very important messages.
  4. Listen to the instruction of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Practice short prayers always.
  6. Quench not the Spirit of God in you (pray whenever you are prompted).


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