The Flesh and Demons

The Flesh and Demons

Many who criticize the deliverance ministry will claim that we tend to blame everything on demons to avoid personal responsibility. That is simply not true in most cases in this type of ministry. I do not intend on ignoring the flesh or overemphasizing the demonic, but I would like to clearly explain how the two work together to carry out Satan’s plan in our lives.

The flesh is the gateway to the demonic. Many times (unless it is generational, etc.), it is through the flesh that demons gain entrance into a person’s life. We are first tempted by demons (the enemy works through his army of fallen angels) because they are seeking to gain entrance into our lives or carry out a plan to kill, steal or destroy us (see John 10:10), then once we give in, they become welcomed into our lives, and once they enter, they will serve as bad friends who will constantly seek to negatively influence us. Having a spirit of lust will be like working in an adult bookstore… it will work to wear you down and get you to give in. Without having that spirit, it is much easier to resist the temptation. But wait a minute, what about plain old temptation that is thrown our way on regular bases? We are not immune from that, are we? No, unfortunately we will probably be tempted to a certain degree until we leave this earth.

But let me illustrate the difference between normal temptation and having a demon which is pressuring you to sin: When you drive down the road and see an adult bookstore alongside the road, you can easily resist thinking about what is inside that store… that is temptation. Now let’s say that you had to work in such a store, and have sex videos playing on the TV screens all day long… that is what it’s like to have a spirit of lust. There is a VERY big difference! If you simply feel a little temptation once in a while and find it very easy to resist, then you are likely experiencing simple temptation from the enemy and your goal is to resist it and move on. Those are the fiery darts which the devil throws at us, to cause us to sin. However, if you feel driven to lust or pornography (or other sinful behaviour such as anger, hate, rage, etc.), then you likely have a spirit that must be driven out.

As I said earlier, the flesh is the gateway to the demonic. Demons cannot simply walk up to us and enter… they must be welcomed, and our flesh is their tool to get the job done. If they can tempt us to sin, and our flesh opens the door, then they will have ‘permission’ to access our souls and/or bodies. This is why you cannot effectively minister to a person who is not ready to let go of their bondage. If somebody is not willing to give up lust, then even if you do get them delivered (by casting out all spirits of lust, addiction, etc.), that person will likely (without even knowing it) re-open that door all over again and the demons can come right back.

Sin is a work of the flesh

Is it possible for a demon to take complete control over a person, and cause them to murder, rape, etc.? Yes! But in most situations, that is not the case. In such a situation, the person is demonized.

How demons operate: They all have the same mission to kill, to steal and to destroy, but they try to achieve it in three dimensions:

  • They Demonize: The demons take complete control of the person (blood, water and body) and then use the person at will. This is the highest form of their operation in the life of a human being. The unclean spirit subdues the spirit of the person and uses the body to do terrible things. I have experienced during deliverance sessions when such a person starts speaking with a deep masculine voice though the person is a female.
  • They Possess: Here the demons take over the over the water and blood, and deceive the person to do evil things. This is what Beelzebub tries to achieve with witchcraft. They use the person to achieve their aim, but the person still has control over his/her spirit. The humans they use act as agents of the dark kingdom to wreak havoc in the lives of men, the demons give them some sort of supernatural powers with which they operate. The side-effect is that after some time, these human agents lose their conscience because they have been used to doing evil as prompted by the demons possessing them. Only the free-will is the power left for them to resist such evil. A child who suddenly starts lying or exhibiting suspicious habits has been possessed of by a spirit to destroy that child, deliverance is therefore very necessary.
  • They Oppress: Here the person is under their bondage and torment. They put an evil mark on the person to monitor the person at all times, and cast spells using sorcery, divination and enchantments against the person. A child of God can be under their oppression because of an unknown open door in his/her life, and they can cause sickness, delays, disappointments, failures, near-success syndrome, etc.

Unless the demon takes complete control over the person, it is the flesh that commits the sin. Take for example a person who has a spirit of lust and then commits adultery… it is their flesh that has sinned, but it was coaxed along (or pressured) by the spirit of lust (or similar spirits). Having a spirit of lust can pressure us to sin, but it cannot force us to sin. This is why the Bible still refers to various sinful acts as ‘works of the flesh’:

Galatians 5:19-21, “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

Demons are like bad friends

So what if you have a spirit of rage, and you are driven to violence? Wouldn’t at least some of it be the demon’s fault if you fell into that type of sin? Having a demon is like having a bad friend who has access to your mind and can sit there and inject thoughts or feelings in your system day after day. If you hang around bad friends all the time, what happens? You begin to become like them… they will wear off on you! That is what happens when a person has a demon; the demon’s ways will wear on that person’s flesh and break it down… making it hard to resist temptation and sin!

Can a demon take control over a person and use their body to commit gruesome acts of murder, etc.? While it can happen, it is rarely the case. Demons are great at working the flesh up to the point of sin and putting pressure on them that can be very hard to resist. This is usually how they do their dirty work in our lives.


The earth has been given to man, though the control was lost at the Garden of Eden yet there are ways through which they have to pass to enter the earth and be like humans. There are only 4 channels through which demons can enter into the earth in the flesh:

  • Through the womb of a woman (also called womb of the earth): They take flesh in a woman and are born as a child. They grow to a certain age in the family, and go back to where they came from. During childhood, they can be draining the family’s wealth through incessant sicknesses. Because they are not humans from the beginning, they can never be saved even if they confess Christ and go to church. They are on the earth for a mission, and once they accomplish it, they return to where they came from. This kind of thing happens when a woman goes to evil places (like a native doctor, witch doctor, etc.) in search of the fruit of the womb and the woman is given something to chew or drink, once she takes such concoction, the concoction serves as a token for the spirit to enter and the woman becomes pregnant. The devil always tries to copy what God did by taking flesh and turns it around for evil.
  • Through murder: When a person is critically injured and loses about 85% of the blood, at that critical point, a demon spirit can knock out the person’s spirit and take over the flesh. This is one of the spiritual evils that happen which men do not know. Then, after the recovery, the person would start behaving in a suspicious manner because it’s no more the person indeed.
  • Through the womb of the heavens: They stay in the womb of the heavens for 90 days and then within an additional 4 days, they move the ice into an isolated area and through lightening, enter the earth as humans. They don’t usually use this method because of the purity of the womb of heaven.
  • Through Demonization: The demons take complete control of the person (blood, water and body) and then use the person at will. This is the highest form of their operation in the life of a human being. The unclean spirit subdues the spirit of the person and uses the body to do terrible things. When a person is lunatic, it’s the handiwork of Baal ad Djoko with multitude of other spirits inhabiting the body and using the person to do what they desire. These spirits give the lunatic person both spiritual and physical abilities beyond the ordinary human. I have experienced during deliverance sessions when such a person starts speaking with a deep masculine voice though the person is a female.


The flesh is the open door to the enemy, and the demons are here to ruin our lives. The two work together to carry out Satan’s plan to destroy us!

The flesh must be crucified (or consider ourselves dead to sin – see Romans 6:11), and demons must be cast out. If we try to crucify the demon or cast out the flesh… we are wasting our time! It is vital that we accomplish two things when seeking deliverance:

  1. A) Make sure that our flesh is not joining hands with the demon or giving it any permission.
  2. B) Get rid of any unclean spirits that may be working against us. It is pointless to constantly discipline the flesh yet allow the demons to remain, and it is also useless to cast out the demons, but allow the flesh to re-open the doors to them again.


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