The Need for Spiritual Growth

The Need for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is knowing or discerning your rights as a child of God – you have to know that you were sent by God and the power to control the elements is in your mouth (Genesis 1:27, Psalm 8:6).

Spiritual growth is knowing the areas where you have jurisdiction and allowances to operate against the spirit realm. Man owns the earth realm and until we allow them, they cannot enter (Luke 10:19).

What Drains Our Spiritual Growth?

  1. Anger brings down your spiritual level to zero.
  2. Uncleanness or lusts (Molech – the demon of lusts – works hard to destroy people’s spiritual growth to remain stunted).
  3. Murmuring and complaining against God.
  4. When there are distractions and issues everywhere.
  5. Materialism and a lukewarm spiritual life.

Consequences of Not Growing Spiritually

  1. Spiritual bondage and captivity (Isaiah 5:13-15).
  2. Spiritual prison (these are lingering problems that defy all solutions because we reuse to grow spiritually).
  3. The ability to receive spiritual stimuli dies; as we are unable to receive spiritual signs and we suffer.
  4. There will be lots of lack and wants (financial problems), affliction, sickness and eventual death.

Advantages of Spiritual Growth

  1. Allows us to know we have been given dominion and authority over the created things and the Angels.
  2. We are able to possess our possessions.
  3. We acquire knowledge above that of the enemy.

How to Grow spiritually

  1. Take the sincere milk of the Word, which is the testimony of faith (1st Peter 2:2) you have to build your faith to make your Christianity solid and have a strong foundation.
  2. Do not forsake the assembly of the brethren. Join a vibrant Bible believing church (Psalm 133:1)
  3. Remain steadfast in prayer and fasting. Take midnight prayers seriously.
  4. Don’t remain a baby in spiritual matters – join a church where you can grow in the knowledge of the things of God (2nd Peter 3:18).
  5. Fight – do spiritual warfare so you can become a son of God with scars or marks of Christ upon you (you become a wood pulled out of the fire). That is the fight of faith (1st Timothy 6:12).
  6. Eat the engrafted Word such that it becomes part of you. Meditate on the Word of God daily and speak it often (Joshua 1:8).

In this end-time, a child of God cannot afford to remain ignorant or a babe in the Lord. Put the above steps into action and the Holy Spirit our Helper shall assist you in the journey. Shalom Aleichem!


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