The Power of Parental Blessings

The Power of Parental Blessings


This knowledge is what determines whether a human being will succeed in this life or will be a failure. Follow the precepts; I have not written anything like this before. In this epistle, you will see what belongs to you that is in the hands of your parents. The Lord Jesus is the Father of all living and dead; it is written, ‘’unto us, a child is given, and that child is the everlasting Father.’’ (See Isaiah 9:6). I will show you the meaning of fatherhood or parenthood. You will know why the scriptures say that we should call no man father on earth, that we have one Father in heaven, even God. In the Arabic language, the original name of God is AL-Abba: any other name is foreign. You will know why Isaac blessed Esau and Jacob and what the blessings of the father signify.

In the Bible, Isaac blessed his sons with the blessings of the breast and the blessings of the womb, let me ask you, what do these two blessings stand for? Never mind, I will tell you shortly. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob because he was carnally minded; the act of exchange that happened because Esau needed a dish of the pottage of lentils to cost him his spiritual birthright. And it manifested later in their lives when their Dad was old and wanted to bless them. It happened that Jacob was blessed above Esau. And through the mouth of their father Isaac a blessing was pronounced in favour of Jacob over Esau; that was what made Esau become a servant to his younger brother. Carnal people don’t have respect for their parents; there are people who even fight their parents and abuse them.

Open your eyes, and let me now show you what parenting stands for in the realm of the spirit. It is written, that the spirit and the bride say, come! Everyone that is thirsty should come and drink the pure river of life. (See Revelation 22:17). The door to the river of life is the communion between a man and a woman in holy matrimony. God uses our biological parents to grant us access to live or into the land of the living, and they can also shut the gates of life against their child. Parenting is both an office and a ministry; parents are representatives of God. It is written, in the image of God, that he created him male and female. (See Genesis 1:27). Your biological parents only shared flesh with you and stood as spiritual gates for you to gain access into this world, your true father is God. (READ Matthew 23:9, and Psalm 127:3).

The reason why the womb of women is shaped like a mango is that it represents the hand of the potter, God Himself molding you inside the womb. (See Psalm 139:13). The soul of man is the spirit of God in bodily manifestation. The Lord made us in His image and likeness. Do you know what that means? The word likeness means a copy of Himself or a replica. (See Genesis 2:7, and Genesis 1:26). Your parents represent Him, whether they are good people or bad people. We are commanded that all souls should be subject to the higher powers for there is no power that is except for God. (See Romans 13:1-4). If your parents bless you, it is tantamount to God blessing you directly and it stands. Every time, a mother or father says, thou art blessed, the sun, the moon, and the stars record it immediately. Somebody is asking here, what of parents that always curse their children? I will give the answer in the lines below!

There are three types of parenting. All of them are the offices of God given to men. These offices include the office of biological parents, the office of spiritual parents, and the office of foster parents. The most powerful of these parenting offices are spiritual parents followed by the biological. The spiritual parents are established by covenant therefore the Lord gives it a topmost priority. Our biological parents are men who share flesh with us and who stood as gates for us to enter this world. Spiritual parenthood is eternal and it is established by the covenant of salt. (See Genesis 49:25-26, Ephesians 6:1-3, and 2 Chronicles 13:5).

Let me burst the bubble! In this world nothing goes by merit; that is why some people say, this life has no balance. There are two systems running the affairs of this life, the blessing system and the curse system. The foundation of these two systems is the type of parenting you are under or the type of parenting you experienced as a child. If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? Your parents are the ones that opened the door for you to enter this world and they also have the keys to unlock the treasures hidden in the sand for you. If your parents are happy with you and if they bless you the Earth will work for you. If you offend them, you will suffer. The word of God said that any child who curses his parents shall be put to death. (See Leviticus 20:9 and Proverbs 20:20). There are times when parents curse their children for no reason. That is why we have the office of the spiritual parents, this set of parents have the ordination of God to remove such curses, and to bless you. (See Psalm 27:10-11, and Matthew 10:34-36).

Only the sick need a doctor. If you notice any of these symptoms in your life, it means you lack parental blessings:

👉 Issues with the conception of pregnancy;

👉 Lack of peace in your marriage;

👉 You hardly succeed in anything;

👉 Issues with finding a life partner;

👉 People always take advantage of you;

👉 If they always give what belongs to you to another.

My advice is that you go to your parents to bless you and you have to see them with a token. But if your parents are late, you have to see a minister of God with the grace of fatherhood to bless you. Those who have evil parents should not bother going to them so that they don’t receive more curses rather go to the servant of God to bless them.

My commitment is to open the eyes of believers to the truth and to help as many that believe. If you need help in this area, I can be a blessing to you by His grace and by the spirit of the son of God that is me. Send me a message now and let me pray with you.

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever!



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