The Secrets Behind Wealth

The Secrets Behind Wealth

A man’s wealth is not in his purse he carries, a fat purse quickly gets empty if there be no golden stream to fill it, wealth is power, and with wealth many things are possible.

As a man who want to be wealthy, you have to maintain some principles:

  1. Always try to claim your share of good thing in life, what I mean is always grab every chance of opportunity you see in life.
  2. Don’t be among those who stand afar off watching others enjoying,
  3. Do not be satisfied with the lot of a poor man.
  4. You must think like a wealthy man that you want to be.
  5. Also don’t be contented with choppiest things, try to put on something more of like a wealthy man.
  6. Try to classify yourself among the rich people.
  7. If you must be a wealthy man or woman, time and study are required.

All men have the time in abundance but most men do not want to pass through the normal process in life rather they want to take the shortcut to make wealth. Remember there are two types of learning: Things we learn and know and also the training that thought us how to find out what we did not know. If you must be a wealthy man you must be determined to have wealth, you must be determined to learn, you must be determined to study; it’s all about determination. There are thing we must do to unlock the secrets of wealth.


Remember that a part of all you earn is for you to keep if you must make it, if you can learn the habit of saving you will go far it does not really matter the amount you save even if it’s £1000 weekly or monthly just learn the habit of saving, if you can save £1000 every week and you don’t touch the money, imagine how you will have if you save that money for 10 years.

So many people are like slave to the world, we always have money to pay for bills like electricity bill, house rent, cloths and other things. Do you have that same spirit to hustle for the money you will save for yourself? if you can hustle money for food why can’t you use that same spirit to hustle for the one you will save, don’t be contented with having little money just for taking care of your need. Try to add the money that you will be saving to all your hustle. Note that every money you save is a slave to work for you, if you must become wealthy what you save must earn. No matter how small you earn always try to pay yourself first before buying clothes, shoes etc.  Wealth is like a tree which grows from a tiny seed, the more you water it the more it grow faster. Wealth grows wherever men exert energy.


You have to learn how to control how you spend your money most especially when those expenditures are not really necessary to you; you should learn not to spend more than what you earn, that will help you save more money. We human beings like to buy and buy even when it is not necessary to buy, remove that mentality from your head, which is, pleasure before work, if you can learn how to control your expenditures, you will save more money.


savingsHow do we make our savings multiply? Is by putting it into investment, when you have learn how to save and have also learn how to spend wisely, now you must have made some savings through the months or years. All you need to do is to use that money you have been able to save to open a business for yourself, a business that will generate money for you. If you save that money in the bank or keep it in the house, you will not be able to multiply it, so the only way to multiply your savings is to put that money into labour or into investment.



No matter how little your income may be, always guard the treasure you have acquired. If you cannot guard the little on or secure the small amount you have, how then can you secure the larger one, it is when you are able to secure small amount of money then God can entrust you with larger amount. Some people are always eager or tempted by opportunities, you may be forced to invest in a particular business probably because a friend is doing well in that business like that, you may lose your money. What you should do is to try to invest in a place where the principal is safe, and where it could be reclaimed if lost and also seek advice from people who already have experience on that field you want to invest in.


If you can sacrifice your wellbeing and focus on how to make it in life, you will grow faster in making wealth. Try to create a standard for your family, your start may not be that easy but your latter end will be better if only you can focus. A man living in a rented apartment will not be as happier with his family than a man who is living with his family in his own house. So you must be ambitious and ready to face and tackle any challenge that may come your way if really you want to be a wealthy man.


As a man perfected himself in his calling, so does his ability to earn increase. Always do the affairs of man, change and improve because kneel-minded men seek greater skills that they may better serve those upon whose patronage they depend. You have to cultivate your own power to study harder and to become wiser and to become more skilful so that you can earn more in your business, by so doing, you will have more money to accumulate wealth. So you must learn more skills, more strategies and many more things that are needed to increase you earning.


It is very necessary to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, most people because of their greed and pride lose their opportunity. If you are a proud person, so many opportunities will pass you by and the reason why you must grab every opportunity is because you never can tell the one that will make you a wealthy man. Opportunity does not come all the time so if you don’t grab it, it may take more time before another one can come again, that is, if it ever comes.


If you must acquire wealth you will need wisdom, without wisdom you cannot succeed in any business, so many people abandon wisdom and choose money. Tell me, how can you make use of that money well without applying wisdom, so, you must consider wisdom first before the money, without wisdom money is quickly lost by those who have it but with wisdom money can be secured by those who have it. Remember that wealth that come quickly goes the way it came but the wealth that will stay comes gradually, any money you save is your slave.

What is this wisdom we are talking about and how do we get this wisdom. We all know that wisdom is from God, now before you invest on any business, seek the advice of men who are wise and who are better than you on that field, wealth stays in the hand of people who listen to advice .


lending-and-borrowingThere are things we should understand about lending and borrowing. If you are a businessman who lends loan for people there are things you should know:

  1. You need to know the kind of business that person is going to be involved in if it is going to be profitable business or maybe he just need the money for pleasure.
  2. Will that person be able to pay back the loan?
  3. Does he have investment or properties so that if he is not able to pay you back, at least there should be guarantee that you will get your money back through his assets?

Now when you know these, you can now lend the money to that person. If you lend unwisely it will be very difficult for you to get it back, so learn how to lend wisely so that you don’t suffer lose. Before you lend, it should be that you already have more than enough for yourself before lending and also do not lend out of pity because if you do, you will suffer a great lose.

Now for the borrower, most youths are very desperate to make money and because of that they make the wrong decision that affect them, if you must borrow, borrow wisely. Your aim should not be that you want to make money quickly because that ambition could make you invest that money unwisely.

Note: A hopeless debt is like a deep pit into which one may descend quickly and where one may struggle vainly for many days; it is a pit of sorrow and regret where the brightness of the sun is overcast and night is made unhappy by restless sleeping. I don’t discourage borrowing rather I encourage it if it is of a good purpose.


It is very important for you to set a good standard of protection for your business and for your family, by having impregnable walls of insurance, saving accounts and dependable investment. We can guard ourselves against the unexpected that may fall on you in life. Where the determination is, there can be found a wise man who will keep his purse, he will not spend too much so that he can take good care of his family. Also you should learn how to diversify your income meaning learn how to manage your money in terms of spending and saving. For example if you receive £1000 as your income there should be a means of diversifying your income, some part of the money should go to the bank and some part will go for your family and also some part may also go for debt because every man always have a debt to pay, it could be your children school feels, etc.


As a man who desires wealth, you must be ready to follow all these steps and you must also be determined to have wealth, because if you are not determined, the zeal to acquire wealth will not be there.


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