Your Feet – Your Dominion

Your Feet – Your Dominion

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There is something about your feet that affect your whole being as a person. If your feet is in good order, your journey of life upon the face of the earth shall be full of good and success.

• It is your point of contact to exercise power and authority upon the earth (Luke 10:19). You can only be able to trample when your feet are in good order spiritually.

• It is what you use to exercise dominion and ownership (Deuteronomy 11:24, Genesis 13”14-18).

• Your feet are point of contact to your earthly family foundation (ancestry), roots and generations and sometimes needs to be washed before you can be a partaker of certain blessings (John 13:8-11).

• Your feet are the law and grace merged together (the toes = grace, the heels = the law). That’s why Jacob used the law to tumble his brother, as he held him on the heels in the womb to signify what he would do to Esau later in life (Genesis 25:23-26).

• Your feet are your direct connection to the earth (if the feet are not clean, the ordinary sacrifice evil people kept at the road junction can enter a person). But when the feet are clean (when you are in a state of grace, when the Word is in you – then you are not of the world), your feet can be touching the ground physically but spiritually you are actually hovering (John 17:14-16).

• The beauty of your life or the tidings that follow you is connected your feet (Isaiah 52:7, Romans 10:15). This is the time to do something about your feet, to get it corrected and well rooted in dominion. Take some olive oil and speak out these scriptures over the oil (don’t rush over these prayers, take your time and pray them seriously, they are very powerful and your testimony is certain):

Download the attached document for details and prayers. Shalom!!!!!!


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