Does Money Belong to Darkness?

Does Money Belong to Darkness?

God created light and darkness. Light is a place where things are revealed, while darkness is the place where things are hidden or locked (see Isaiah 45:7, Jude 1:6 and Psalm 18:10-12). Everything was made to glorify Him. After the fall of man, some fallen angels came to deceive man that they are the gods of prosperity and that they are the giver of wealth. God created money for good, but its administration is what is totally wrong. The current system of administration of money is what is wrong, in today’s world. The money of this world is run by the systems of capitalism and cannibalism but money is supposed to be run by the system of charity and fairness; not the current system of exploitation, deceit and selfishness that Lucifer has set up. Money is the unrighteous mammon but can become an armour of righteousness, if it is run by the laws of charity and love (See: Luke 6:38 and 2nd Corinthians 9:12).

Money is a scalar quantity used in measuring wealth; the more of it you have the wealthier you can become. Wealth comes from the spirit realm. Lucifer is not the giver of wealth, but today he gives wealth to as many that come to him for it. Lucifer according to the word of God is a thief, a murderer and a destroyer (see John 10:10 and Revelation 17:5-6). The spiritual equivalent for money/wealth in the spirit realm is blood, and Lucifer for eon of years has been collecting this raw material and storing it in his satanic blood banks suspended in the sky above our heads. This satanic blood banks look like the tanks that are used in petrol filling stations, and there are billions of them that Lucifer and his men has been pilling for many centuries ago (Jeremiah 2:13). Please note: the bible uses blood and/or water interchangeably as two substances that symbolize a storage for life.

The devil collects blood which he uses to build his kingdom through ritual killings, accidents, occultism, witchcraft, massacres, wars, simony, lottery, oppression of the poor, etc. It is from this sources that he channels wealth to his loyalist. Anything that comes from a tank or cistern will finish as it is being used if not replaced; that is why Satan keeps demanding for blood from his loyalists.

The true source of wealth is God through our Lord Jesus Christ, His own source is not a tank, it is a well; the well represented in the earth as the well of Jacob (see: John 4:10). This well also exists in heaven at the right hand side of the heavenly Jerusalem, before the throne of the Imperial God. When Jesus resurrected, his blood was collected and it formed a well before the throne of God in heaven. It is from this well that the angels of God supply us the blood of Jesus whenever we plead the blood, and the more they fetch from the well the richer and deeper it becomes. This well can never run dry for all eternity. That is why the Lord said that He shall supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (read Philippians 4:19 and Revelation 22:17).

A tank cannot be the SOURCE of wealth, and that is why every gift from the devil comes with many sorrows and finally he will take the person’s soul. But Jesus came to give life and to give it more abundantly (see 2nd Corinthians 8:9). He made himself the price of our peace, prosperity and salvation. We no longer need the blood of bulls, human beings or any form of animal, the Lord Jesus has settled it all. But before this blood of our covenant can work for you, you must have a covenant-walk with God. (READ: Deuteronomy 8:18 and Deuteronomy 28), then the Lord will go before you and make all the crooked places straight and loose the loins of kings, so that people will favour you wherever you go. (SEE: Isaiah 45:1-3).

Poverty is a curse, it is not the will of God for His people. (SEE: 3rd John 1:2, Jeremiah 29:11). The reason why the people of God are poor is because of their ignorance. Very few Christians understand their covenant rights with God as established on the Hill of Golgotha. (READ: Hosea 4:6 and Isaiah 5:13). Wealth and riches come from our God. (SEE: James 1:17, Proverbs 10:22 and Psalm 112:1-3).

If you have being going through financial hardship for many years, do not worry, all you need is only one prophetic ordinance (to establish the power of the blood of Jesus into your life) from the prophet of God and everything will change automatically. For the Lord your God will do nothing but to reveal His secrets unto His servant the prophet. (READ: Amos 3:7, 2chronicles 20:20 and Hosea 12:13). Contact us now for a prophetic word of prayer/counseling.


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