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Free Ministry Training – Sown in Generosity and Given Freely

What does God want to do with your life?

God gave you a unique set of gifts. Now, He is giving you the opportunity to use them. Your Journey Begins Here.


What Does God Want to Do With Your Life? The Answer is Something Amazing.

God gave you a unique set of gifts. Now, He is giving you the opportunity to use them. What could be more amazing than that?

Meeting You Where You Are

Maybe you haven’t discovyour-optionsered your true gifts yet, or you aren’t sure how God is calling you to use them. That’s OK – at MCG Bible School, we support and advise you as you discern and clarify God’s calling.

Perhaps God has already set you on a clear path, and you’re looking to deepen your knowledge and sharpen your skills. That’s great, too – we’re here to encourage, support, and strengthen you in your vocation and in your faith. Enrolment for the 2016 session has ended. Be sure to contact us for details of the next session and class details.

Are You Called To Ministry?bible-school2

Are you called to bring revival to your area?  Are you a local Christian Leader who desires high-quality free Bible school classes for your ministry training? Do you want your knowledge of the Bible to deepen? Do you want your walk with God strengthened?  Do you want to learn deeper ministry insights taught at Seminaries, Bible schools, and Bible colleges? You will get a world-class Christian ministry education free of charge to you.

The ministry donations of individuals, foundations, churches and generous students have made this training free and accessible to the world. This free ministry training is sown in generosity and given freely to you!

Are You Seeking Formal Bible Training?

Are you a new or experienced Christian seeking an accelerated learning path? Our free Bible school offers over free high-quality classes. The training is designed to include beginners. Our Bible School curriculum is Biblical. See Statement of Faith. You can pick from over 32 college-grade Classes that include Bible Survey, Theology, Apologetics, Evangelism, Pastoral Care, Church and Ministry, Church History, Ethics, Missions and Revival, New Testament Greek and many others. We keep adding more!

Seeking A Debt-Free Degree, Diploma or Certificate?

Are you seeking a debt-free option for high-quality ministry training? Our goal is to offer this free Bible school college-class atmosphere for you to get all the training you need. All the classes are free. Certified certificates and diplomas have “service” doesn’t require donations. Though donations supply the income needed for verification and certification that you completed the free classes. For instance, our bachelor program brings you a four-year degree for $1,800 administration donation.

Seeking Local Ordination?

Are you seeking an ordination program of study? These are not just free Bible school classes for ministry training. We also offer Officiant Ordination, Women in Ministry Ordination, and Christian Leader Ordination. No compulsory donations apply for certification, verification, and credentialing. Each ordination program features an appropriate course of study.  You complete an ordination programs of study at MCG. MCG verifies you have completed your program of study. We ordain you and issue the ordination certificates.

Pastors Seeking Formal Ministry Training?

Are you seeking formal ministry training? Are you a local ordained leader in a church needing clergy-grade training? Are you seeking training with certified certificates, diplomas or degrees that do not put you into financial debt? MCG offers formal training that will deliver a certificates or diplomas.  This high-quality ministry training with free Bible school classes will put you on that path.

Pastors or Denominational Leaders Seeking to Raise Up Local Leaders?

Are you a local ordained pastor looking for a way to train up local leaders for local ministry? At MCG, you can use our free bible school classes for your local church. Do you see the possibility of starting a mentor center in your local church where you can raise up teams of well trained local leaders? Offer local Elder and Deacon training through these free classes. Are you a Bishop, Apostle, or denominational leader? Are you looking for ways to bring formalized training to the leaders you are raising up? Our programs of study may be perfect for you! Maybe you want to use these training or ordinations options to help raise up local church planters?