Spiritual Ways of Handling Emergencies

Spiritual Ways of Handling Emergencies


I will not beg you to read this piece because it is for everybody. If you have loved ones that are residents in places where there is a crisis, one of the best things you can do for them is to quickly share this information with them. People who don’t have this information may be in jeopardy. In the Bible, Jesus said to his disciples, ‘’I give you peace, not as the world gives but my peace I give you.’’ I don’t care about your religion at this point, as a religious scholar, I have read a lot of religious theorems and conceptualizations but it is sacrosanct to state here that all religions consider Jesus as a perfect guide sent from God to heal the world. The peace you can get from men is uncertain; men can provide security agents to guard you, but my question to you is, ‘’who guards the life of the security agents that protect you?’’ If you have the answer then you are on the right side for safety. Information is strict by nature; when you have it, you have to make do with it or it will disappear into thin air and you are left with a void. In this piece, I will show you how to quench any fire that is kindled by blood-sucking demons around you.

Who says there is fire on the mountain? Well, there may be, but I know in the perilous times wherein we live, there is always fire on the mountain. The only thing you have to do is just to arm yourself with information. The world is in the end times. And in the end times, there are expected to be perilous times. Thus, the times when anything can happen anywhere at any time. From earthquakes to blood-thirsty weather conditions and the maliciousness of the human species living as wolves amidst the multitude. I am a realist and a practical person. I always like to face the reality of things on the ground. But there is no cause for alarm, there is a solution to these things, and I will dish it out here. It’s like butterflies flying out from tall trees in the mangrove forest; how well are you to catch at least one and you will be okay for life? Peace has a price and only those who believe in Jesus will be saved because he shed his blood so that we will not shed our own. Shine your eyes! From the next paragraph, a bag of bees will go out first before I let loose the butterflies.

Sunday has a company of six other days, but Sunday is the happiest. Ask me why? Every Sunday people go out in their glad rags. But when the beast of Pergamos shall arise, he may make Sunday boring because he is going to set up a Sunday Law. A stitch in time saves nine. This is coded information that you need the spirit of God to uncover for you, however, I will do my best to pass it on in everyday language. Now, this is the knack, do you know that every crisis in the physical realm of this world is influenced by spirit beings that dwell in higher planes of existence above our realms? Oh no! Don’t bother your head I will explain: It is impossible for there to be a crisis in families, clans, communities, counties, states, nations, or even the world at large without having some spirit beings behind the scenes fanning the embers of war or as some will say it, beat the drums of war for men; in a general term, you may call them blood-sucking demons; there are more than the eyes can see. Give me a minute, let me expose them.

The names of the spirits that cause riots, civil unrest, communal clashes, wars, panics, and pandemonium are Leviathan, Djakarta, Asmodeus, Gog and Magog, Jehulaheel, Alpha & Omega group of demons, Appollyon, Abbadon, and another principality called the Beast. These spirits are responsible for all the chaos you see in the world today, they work with the Prince of Darkness (Whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Helal Ben Shaddad being interpreted as Lucifer son of the morning).

When men kill each other they harvest blood which they use to run the affairs of their kingdom. (See Revelation 17:6-7, and Ezekiel 35:6-7). They cause violence on earth by divination. They also use their agents in flesh to propagate political unrest. The politicians that work with these demonic forces are the ones who use tribal sentiments, and religious sentiments to divide the people for their selfish interest; their game is called, ‘’divide and rule!’’ Don’t listen to them, all tribes are from God.

It is written in the Holy Bible, ‘’blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God.’’ If you want peace, you have to be an agent of peace also. As long as the Earth remains, whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap. We must love one another and pray for peace! God hates violence, He calls all His children to be agents of peace. If you notice any fire of trouble around you there are things you can do to quench the fire immediately and they are as follows:

  • You have to get a bottle of grape wine (See Genesis 49:11 and Matthew 26:27).
  • Recite Psalm 122 (21x).
  • Draw a circle on the ground to represent the area or territory around you (Ezekiel 4).
  • Pour the grape wine inside the circle, and command that the spirits behind the chaos be chained by the blood of Jesus and be cast into the Abyss. When you do this the pandemonium will cease immediately.

The second solution is as follows ( the results of these prophetic acts are almost instantaneous):

  • Get a sachet of salt.
  • Recite audibly the words in Psalm 48 (21x).
  • Anoint the sachet with olive oil.
  • Open it and sprinkle it around the place where you are.
  • Stand on the salt and command that the angels of God will move an arrest every scene of violence and uprising around you.

Brethren, with a heart full of love as a prophet of God, I do bless people for protection, to protect them from physical and spiritual harm and violence. If you need the prayer covering and anointing for absolute protection, visit us today. It is FREE for all. Jesus Christ is Lord now and evermore!



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