Is Suffering The Will of God?

Is Suffering The Will of God?


Let me show the world where we got it wrong. The creator of the world is the Lord of peace but something happened along the line that opened the door for violence in the world. He called a meeting of the principalities against His children because of their waywardness and in that meeting, He told us why we are suffering. (See Deuteronomy 30:19 and Ecclesiastes 7:29). In this tract I exposed a lot of things that have remained a secret for centuries. You will find out where we were before we came to this world and why we are here. I also wrote about what happens when we die and where we go after death. You will see why you are suffering and what to do to live above the vicissitudes of this life. (See Luke 13:3 and 1 Peter 3:9).

When Cain killed Abel the land was cursed and the gods of the Earth for the first time tasted human blood. They used to drink blood but not human blood. (See John 8:44, and Genesis 4:10). As they drank it, it tasted like the red wine PARADISUS DEI; and the gods became crazy. (See Revelation 16:6 and Isaiah 25:6). The taste of human blood was so sweet on their tongue which made them become hunters, and instead of protecting man, man became their food and drink. This exposition is deep! The gods of the Earth are spirit beings who work for God the Father as custodians of the divine forces that keep the Earth; they are around three hundred million in number. When we talk about the gods that are demanding blood; or the blood-sucking demons, we are referring to them. They get blood by causing violence on earth such as wars, communal clashes, civil unrest, and so on; as people kill one another they come to harvest blood. But the question is, how did suffering enter our world and how can it be put to an end? Keep reading and you will find out.

The events on earth are propelled by the cosmic powers of space, time, energy, and forces. Everything that happens on earth is from these four spirits of space, time, energy, and forces. The Earth is a place where records are manifested. (See 1 John 5:7-8). So nothing is new here. We are only experiencing the things that had been foreshadowed in the spirit realm. The earth repeats everything that it has witnessed over time. As Cain killed Abel more killings will continue until certain prophetic acts are done to stop it. (See Amos 3:7, and 2 Chronicles 12:32). Everything that has happened in your family will continue to repeat after many years unless you rise now and stop it. (JUST READ Ecclesiastes 1:9-11, and Galatians 6:7). This is what we call the evil cycle that propels the affairs of men. (See Ephesians 5:16, and Matthew 6:10). If you are experiencing an untimely death in your family you need prophetic help; if nobody seems to be making it in your family, it shows that the vicious cycle has swallowed your family, but there is a solution.

In the realm of the spirit, there is a market where families are sold. (See Nahum 3:4 and Judges 3:7). If your family had a shrine in the ancient time of a god they worshiped you will experience all of the following: life-threatening diseases and sickness, poverty, rising and falling, failure at the point of success, and re-occurrence of bad omens. And the only way to stop that is to erect an altar for the Almighty God in your family because by the universal laws when you remove an altar somewhere, you must replace it with another one before there can be peace in that family. As I write this, my pen sheds tears of sorrow. The problem in this life came when Man left his God (the AL-ABBA), and followed a strange spirit. God is a jealous God. When people invite another spirit into their life and family, He will walk away. (See Genesis 6:3, and 1 John 1:7). There can only be peace where the spirit of God dwells. Brethren, you bring strange spirits into your family when you consult people who are diviners, false prophets, fortune tellers, native doctors, and the like. There can only be peace and prosperity in our lives and family when we give God His place. (See Luke 19:42-44, Romans 9:16, and John 15:5).

What does God want from us? Not much, He wants your body. You must stay away from sexual sins, and other forms of abusive use of your body. (See 1 Corinthians 6:16-20 and Romans 12:1-2). You must worship Him for that is the main reason why He created you. (See Exodus 20:4-5 and Matthew 22:36-40). He also wants us to give light to the world. (See Matthew 5:13-16). These are the main assignments God gave to man, is that too much? I leave the answer for you to give. If we return to Him, He will give His Angels charge over us to protect us from all evil (See Psalm 91:11-14), and He will command the Earth to give us milk and honey instead of thorns and thistles. (See Genesis 3:19, Ezekiel 20:6, and 2 Chronicles 7:14).

If anyone in your family is experiencing hardship, or any of the following, (bareness, untimely death, sickness, financial penury, and problems here and there), feel free to contact us for prophetic assistance. All we do for people is done FREE of charge. Freely the Lord gives, and freely we must give. Jesus Christ is Lord over now, and evermore!


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