The Spiritual Roots of Money

The Spiritual Roots of Money


Don’t you think we have been pursuing money the wrong way? Money is a spirit; it does not come by hustling. Why should human beings allow money to rule the world? Money was not created to be a master, but a messenger. I can hear the yelling of money, crying from broad street to wall-street, saying, ‘’I am not evil, as some people say, I am a good servant, but I have to be conquered before I can serve you!’’ You can only conquer me in your mind, not in the battlefield.

The main cause of poverty in our world is poverty mentality. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. You cannot be bigger than the vision ringing bells inside your head. If you are without vision, you are empty. A life without a dream is heading nowhere (See Proverbs 29:18).

Below, I will show you ‘’the spiritual source of money’’ so that you can stop the hustle and bustle. Money does not come by dry fasting: fasting is for spiritual growth. There are things most people do that scares money away from them, such as anxiety, desperation, avaricious living, discontentment and egotism.

Money has two sides as a double edged sword, it cuts either way. Money can make people poor or rich. Money makes people without vision poor, and turns men of vision into men of substance. A man’s worth is not the material possessions he has, but the stuff he is made of. If all you have is money then you are a very poor person. In this tract, I will reveal some ancient secrets about money. The secrets of King Solomon, Alexandria the great, Mansa Musa and Carlos Slim Helu. Don’t be in haste, so you won’t miss the details beneath the line.

What has money got to do with blood? Why do people think that you have to do blood money rituals before you can be rich? You don’t have to sell your soul in exchange for money. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? I tell you most solemnly, it would have been better that such a person was not born.

Money is an element: that is, something that exists but cannot be seen. Currency bills are not money. Currency bills are nothing but tokens used to represent money. Money can be anything that is fungible, portable, divisible, uniform, durable, limited in supply, and generally accepted. Money itself is the spiritual energy that carries our economic energy from one person to another. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it is available everywhere in unlimited proportion. That is how money is, money is available everywhere in unlimited proportion. You just have to harness it and use it. I will show you how to harness the spiritual aspect of money, and how you can manifest it in real terms.

The poverty in our world is man-made; nobody is supposed to be poor. But wicked men use it as a means to control, and enslave other people. Many human beings are ignorant about what money is, and how it is made, that is why the men that control the world finances have been preying on them. There are five ways to harness the energy of money, and anybody can do it.

By confessing the word of the promise of God concerning your finances. As you do that, it pulls the energy of money to your life from the unseen realms of reality. Then, after some time, it will attract financial blessings as you go about your endeavors. (See Joshua 1:8, and Philippians 4:19).

  1. Covenant walk with God. The word covenant is from the Hebrew word ‘Berith’ which means to be one flesh with God. As a covenant child of God, God gives power to get wealth to His covenant children. This power is what draws into their life the spiritual energy of money. (See Deuteronomy 8:18 and Isaiah 45:1-3).
  2. Acquire knowledge in your field of enterprise: it is said that you cannot earn more than what you know. The more knowledge you have about your field of enterprise, the more money you will make. Your skills have a lot to do with your earning capabilities. (See Daniel 12:4, Hosea 4:6, and Luke 16:8).
  3. Associate with the well to do. Association is one of the easiest ways to harness the energy of money. If your friends are rich, it won’t be long, the energy of money will enter you also. Scriptures command that we should make friends with the rich. (See Luke 16:9).
  4. The Habit of savings and investment: the so-called millionaire mind-set that we hear people talk about is the habit of savings. It is not possible to accumulate wealth without savings and investment. If all you do with money is to spend it, you can never be rich. Poor people complain that their income is small, that is why they don’t save. But the rich say, there is no amount of money that is too small to save. The poor live for their stomach, but a wealth conscious person postpones today’s pleasure. (See Proverbs 6:6-8).
  5. Give and it shall be given unto you: when you give money, the spiritual portals of the energy that controls money gets open for you. And the energy of money flows into your life. Now, you know why scriptures say, ‘’givers never lack?’’ (See Proverbs 11:24, and Luke 6:38).
  6. Every good vision draws to itself, the money and the resources needed for its manifestation. If God wants to bless you, to wipe away poverty from your life, He gives you an idea. It is written that the kingdom is like a man who discovers a field full of treasure, who went forth and sold all that he had to buy the field. The field that the Bible was talking about is the mind of man. (See Proverbs 29:18, and Job 32:8).

Poverty mentality scares money away from people. Just as they say, money calls money. The more you save, the more your life and enterprises will attract money. If you don’t want your labour to be fruitless, make sure you don’t dry your account. Anytime your account is red, it means that in the spirit realm you are in a state of emergency.

One of the basic things to do, so that you can stop struggling financially is to connect to an altar that has direct covenant with God that will back you, as you go about your endeavors. Melchizedek Church of God has a direct apostolic mandate from the Lord to administer the Abrahamic covenant of prosperity into people’s lives. Are you finding things difficult financially, or do find yourself always in debts? We will be glad to attend to you, call or visit us today!


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