The Truth About Familiar Spirits

The Truth About Familiar Spirits

Genesis 4:9-11 And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper? And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand;

The Lord said in Leviticus 17:13-14 that the life of the flesh is the Blood. At death, the spirit goes back to the source which is God; the soul goes to Hades (either the bosom of Abraham awaiting the rapture or unto suffering awaiting the second death). But something happens to that life-force (energy) which was in the Blood.

At death, the life-force in the Blood decays with the flesh, and the flesh (being an enemy of God) can never speak anything good. This life-force is an energy on its own having the characteristics of being indestructible because it originated from God. Thus, any blood that was shed whether justly or unjustly upon the earth instantly becomes a demon blood and cries for vengeance like the Blood of Abel. This is how the earth became demonized.

Now, because these demons are disembodied ghosts without any agenda, the devil knows how to harvest them to his bidding. The fallen or apostate angels inject their evil nature into them, and release them to act out their evil upon the sons of men (spirit of lying, cheating, stealing, murder, fornication, adultery, lesbianism, and every other vices). They operate as monitoring spirits, servient spirits of familiar spirits. They’re like a robot acting on predefined set of instructions. They can enter into a child who used to be truthful in the past and the child would suddenly start lying. Their nature is in form of a shapeless dark smoke and they enter or leave the body of their victims as gas.

Familiar spirits are formed from the same demon blood whose function is to study a bloodline and read everything therein, and then use it to perpetuate or maintain generational traits like curses, spells, sicknesses, evil cycles and patterns, etc. They can also appear to members of the family in dreams to deceive them (talking smoothly with promises) or to outrightly attack them. Nothing good can ever come from them because they are ‘creatures of the flesh’ and the flesh has no capacity to do good and is full of lusts and sin.

The body we shall use or shall be given at rapture shall come from Christ Jesus who is the first begotten of the dead. He is the only one who was able to kill the flesh and had dominion over it, and so we shall receive our heavenly bodies made of 12 stones (Revelation 21:19-20) from him. Our flesh profits nothing and can never be used in the regeneration, and so the body we shall use at that time will not be this current carnal flesh. The fallen angels already have angelic bodies made of varying number of stones while Lucifer has body made of 10 stones (Ezekiel 28:14). This is why Lucifer is able to subdue other spirits and rule over them.

Ashera or the earth goddess (or queen of heaven) claims that because man was made from the earth, therefore all that are dead belong to her. She harvests these disembodied ghosts as her children and use them as she wishes. That is why when a child of God dies, she’s not supposed to be seen or be appearing to the living after being buried (or over 40 days after death) for it is appointed unto men to die once, after that comes judgement (Hebrews 9:27). Any other thing or spirit pretending or claiming to be the same dead person is purely a familiar spirit being used by the devil through the queen of heaven to deceive the people and this extends to ancestor worship, nature worship, worship of praying to/through dead saints, and all other forms of witchcraft and necromancy. They appear with the dead person’s face and characteristics because they’re using the garment (flesh) of the dead person.

Every dead saint should be in the bosom of Abraham awaiting the trumpet sound; anything more than that is familiar spirit and deceit of the Devil. Remember, demons are the fallen angels with their numerous legions, they’re quite different from these disembodied ghosts through whom they execute terrible evil at different places at the same time. Imagine thousands of people being troubled by Asmodee (the demon of sexual pervasion) at the same time, but meanwhile there’s only one of such demon called Asmodee. It’s through these disembodied ghosts (which are turned into demons) that Asmodee is able to execute her agenda (as spirit husband/wife), marrying millions of people on behalf of Satan at the same time.

It is because of this that God wanted us to kill animals and cover their blood with sand (or to bring it to God’s appointed place to kill and eat it there); and by that ordinance He receives the thanks and the blood can’t be demonized. Some people/religion do encantations before killing any animal, whether for meat or anything whatsoever, showing that whether humans or animals, it still contains a life-force. The blood makes atonement, it speaks and doesn’t get tired (Leviticus 17:11). This is why abortion produces curse because the blood that was shed keeps dripping spiritually from the hands of the person involved, and the aborted blood becomes a demon blood, and keeps crying after the person, tirelessly until something is done to quiet it (only the mercy of God that comes through genuine repentance can clear such blood/curse).

It is therefore wise that when a saint dies, the grave should be prayed over to prevent his garment (the flesh is a garment) from being used by demons as it is dropped in death and buried. The saint can also be buried with a copy of the Bible (as the word of God), properly blessed and put over the saint’s body before burial. The body thereafter, decays with the Bible and such garment can NEVER be used for evil. The people of God are perish because they lack knowledge (Hosea 4:6)

The earth is getting more demonized on a daily bases because of various forms of bloodshed, and so evil keeps multiplying and the battle keeps getting tougher for the true sons of God. But by the knowledge of the ordinances of God, the light of God is brought down daily and the darkness cannot overcome it. Persistence and perseverance in prayer are therefore very important keys for the daily victory of a true believer.


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