What made the ancient kings wealthy

What made the ancient kings wealthy

The ancient kings knew that every animal and plant on earth is a potential source of wealth, if only one knew what they were made for. And so they went into agriculture and farming and they got people to farm for them. As they grew in the harvest of their agro-allied commodities, they sold to people locally and beyond their shores too. They also made great storage of non-perishable stocks until their barns were full. They understood that only plants and animals pay you back your capital employed (for your ventures) in folds and multiple interest and the investment yield never end. So they ended up having a good amount of cattle, sheep, goats, etc. And a great storage of non-perishable commodities. This helped them create wealth and become outstanding in the society.


The kings of old times knew that lands and landed properties were a hidden source of wealth, and so they keep acquiring landed properties. They believed that if you acquire a people’s land, they have become subject to you. You may sell back some part of the land to their children at a whooping interest or profit. To acquire land and real estate requires foresight and wisdom, people who have this wisdom go to places where there may or may not be development as at yet, and buy the whole acres of land and within a short time as civilization draws nearer to the place the value of the land becomes higher and so their wealth increases.


Show me an ancient king, I will show you his box of gold coins stored in a safe place for the future. If you don’t have the habit of savings and the mentality of investing for the future, there is no way you can have financial security and/or financial freedom. Learn to store value in commodities (like precious metals) which can store value over a long period of time. If you eat up all you have today, then your future will be dry. The seed from your harvest of today is what contains your future financial security.


If you can mobilise and motivate people to act in a particular course or line of action, then you are rich already. The secret here is that the proposed plan or venture must be mutually beneficial; the idea has to help them solve today’s problems and also create a future for them before it can be motivating. This is the simplest way to acquire wealth, by making people work for you with or without instant gratification.


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