The Real Mark of the Beast Exposed

The Real Mark of the Beast Exposed

This is a wake-up call to alert people on what the mark of the beast really is, who the beast is and what the image of the beast is as written in the Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ to John in the Island of Patmos (Revelation13). The beast is the evil governments of Satan, established in the political and in the religious circuit. (See: Daniel 7:17). While the mark of the beast is the ‘’symbol of authority’’ of these evil governments set up by Lucifer. We are living in the last days of the earth before the second coming of Jesus: Prophecies are already unfolding before our eyes but the danger here is that if we are not aware of the perils of this time and the destructions that Lucifer and those who serve him in high places are planning to do against the rest of humanity, it may meet us unprepared.

The symbol of authority of the beast are laws and practices that are passed into bill in various countries of the world that contravene the laws of God. (See: Daniel 7:25 and Revelation 22:18-19). The Devil uses his men in both the religious and political circuit to pass laws that are against the will of God in order to use those laws to manipulate, monitor and control people for their satanic and selfish agendas.

The New World Order (rule of law) is the biggest conspiracy against humanity in the history of our human epoch. It is simply a plan to use the office of the law against people, (READ Daniel 6) just as king Darius did in the days of Daniel the prophet. King Darius passed a bill against worship and prayer saying that no one should pray to God but to the god that he has made: exactly what the Kaduna State government in Nigeria is trying to do, using the instrumentality of the law against people who are not members of their own religion. They plan to build a one world economy, one world religion and one world currency (Daniel 8:23-25) to usher in their satanic systems. The number 666 is not directly the mark of the beast but a code written in the book of Revelation through which we can identify whom the world ruler or world dictator (the Antichrist) shall be; the numeric value of his name shall be 666 (See: Revelation 13:18). Thus, for example, assuming the antichrist’s name is Jarge Darius Grand, when you add up the numeric value of the alphabets of the man’s name, it shall give a total of 666.

The mark of the beast (which is her symbol of authority) are laws that are totally opposed to God’s laws as King Darius did in the days of Daniel the prophet; targeted at abolishing God’s rule and to establish the rule of Satan. Examples include: the law of Sunday worship which was instituted by the Ecumenical Council in direct contradiction of God’s law of Saturday or Sabbath day worship (Exodus 20:6-8), the Sabbath day (Saturday) is the prime day of worship but was changed by the Ecumenical Council; the legislation of gay marriage which is in total contradiction to God’s law in Leviticus 20:13; and the laws supporting abortion which are against God’s law in Psalm 139:13-16 and so on.

The Radio Frequency Identification chip (RFID) incision is also a mark of the Beast. The chip is planned to contain people’s biometric data from their banks, health management organisations and/or telecoms companies, which shall be inserted into the bodies of people as chip – either in their right hand or on their forehead, without which they are not permitted to buy or sell. (See Revelation 13:15-17). This chip is a form of tagging on people which shall be used for monitoring or control of the inhabitants of the earth. Our body is the temple of God (Romans 12:1-2) and is not supposed to be tagged for any reasons whatsoever. In the spirit realm, whatsoever you are tagged for, you belong to that thing (Read Matthew 6:24).

The image of the Beast is that idol made by the evil governments of this world that if anyone must survive, should work for, serve or worship the thing, like the Golden image made by King Nebuchadnezzar in the days of Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego (READ Daniel 3). In this age and time, the golden image is going to be the digital money or the One World Currency.

Brethren, if we all refuse to take this chip, these evil plans can be thwarted. As the BVN moves from ordinary digits to cards, we can tolerate it; but whenever it migrates to a micro-chip to be implanted into our bodies, NO child of God should succumb to receive it. Though the legislation establishing the use of the RFID chip is that no one without the mark should eat, buy or sell, but if the majority of the people on earth stand against it, they have no option than to bend to people-power and stop the move. The Lord said that if we resist the Devil he shall flee from you (James 4:7). Many Christians are under deception that the mark would start after the rapture, but the mark started even before the days of Daniel. Before our very eyes we see nations of the world collating detailed biometric data of people in preparation for the new world economy under Satan’s rule.


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